Tiago C Esteves

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UNLABELLED A 33-year-old man presented to our clinic with asymptomatic red-brown, dome-shaped papules, distributed bilaterally on the central area of the face (forehead, lower portions of the eyelids, nasolabial folds, and perioral areas) these had evolved over a period of about 1 year. A skin biopsy, taken from a lesion on the forehead, revealed an(More)
BACKGROUND Although tremendous advances have been made, a significant gap exists between the vast knowledge accumulated concerning sarcoidosis in recent years and our understanding of this disease. OBJECTIVE Describe the main clinical and histopathological findings associated with cutaneous sarcoidosis and to investigate the relationship of these skin(More)
BACKGROUND During the last few years, investigators have debated the role that infectious agents may have in sarcoidosis pathogenesis. With the emergence of new molecular biology techniques, several studies have been conducted; therefore, we performed a meta-analysis in order to better explain this possible association. METHODS This review was conducted(More)
A 12-year-old girl presented with a 2-year history of a 10 cm area of asymptomatic brown coalescent plaques of coalescent, linearly arranged papules on the lower back. No other physical or systemic abnormality was detected. Routine laboratory investigations, including thyroid function tests, were normal. The histopathological examination revealed(More)
CASE REPORT A 26-year-old woman presented with a history of a dark red, asymptomatic, firm, dome-shaped tumor, approximately 2.5 cm in diameter. The nodule had been developing for one year near a scar in the lower abdominal wall. Her past medical history was significant for a caesarean section five years prior to presentation. Histopathological examination(More)
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