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The Byzantine Lists: ERRORS OF THE LATINS
The Byzantine lists cataloguing the 'errors' of Latin Christians have been dismissed by generations of scholars as the writings of deranged fanatics. In contrast, Tia M. Kolbaba takes these textsExpand
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Meletios homologetes on the customs of the Italians
REB 55 1997 France p. 137-168 ; Tia Kolbaba, Meletios Homologetes On the Customs of the Italians. — Meletios Galesiotes (c. 1209-1286) s'opposa farouchement aux tentatives de Michel VIII PaleologueExpand
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Conversion front Greek Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism in the Fourteenth Century
Abstract Several prominent Byzantines, including the Emperor John V Palaiologos, converted to Roman Catholicism in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. This may seem an odd sort of conversion.Expand
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1054 revisited: response to Ryder
J. R. Ryder’s analysis of the events of 1054 and of Greek rebaptism of Latins in the Middle Ages makes several points about my article of 2005 in this journal. I am grateful to the editors for thisExpand
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On the closing of the churches and the rebaptism of Latins: Greek perfidy or Latin slander?
Following the testimony of various western medieval authors, historians sometimes assert that Byzantines closed the Latin churches of Constantinople on at least two occasions and rebaptised LatinExpand
Margins and Metropolis: Authority across the Byzantine Empire . By Judith Herrin. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2013. xxiv + 365 pp. $39.95 cloth.
This collection honors Frederick W. Norris, whose studies and commentary over the past forty years have been fundamental to a renaissance in English language scholarship on Gregory of Nazianzus.Expand
Theological Debates with the West, 1054–1300
Book Review: Margins and Metropolis: Authority across the Byzantine Empire
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-US-ASCII text omitted.)Margins and Metropolis: Authority across the Byzantine Empire . By Judith Herrin . Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press , 2013. xxiv + 365Expand