Tia Cavender

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Snubnose darters comprise one of the largest subgenera of the percid genus Etheostoma. Many species are described based on differences in male breeding coloration. Few morphological synapomorphies have been proposed for the subgenus and their relatives, making it difficult to delineate monophyletic clades. The phylogenetic relationships of the 20 snubnose(More)
The evolutionary relationships of the extant species within the order Acipenseriformes are not well understood. Nucleotide sequences of four mitochondrial genes (12S rRNA, COII, tRNA(Phe), and tRNA(Asp) genes) in North American sturgeon and paddlefish were examined to reconstruct a phylogeny. Analysis of the combined gene sequences suggests a basal(More)
Antimicrobial resistance associated with colistin has emerged as a significant concern worldwide threatening the use of one of the most important antimicrobials for treating human disease. Here, we examined a collection (n = 980) of Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) isolated from poultry with colibacillosis from the US and internationally for the(More)
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