Ti-Jun Qian

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Ectoparasitic insects and mites on Yunnan red-backed voles (Eothenomys miletus) in Dali prefecture, Yunnan Province, southwest China, were studied between 2003 and 2004. In total, 34,389 individuals of 86 species of ectoparasitic insects (seven species of fleas and five species of sucking lice) and mites (23 species of gamasid mites and 51 species of(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the species diversity of ectoparasites on Niviventer confucianus in the surrounding areas of Erhai Lake. METHODS Small mammals were randomly captured in 12 investigated sites surrounding Erhai Lake with baited mouse cages. The cage-traps were examined and re-baited each morning. Trapped small mammals were brought to the laboratory(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the characteristics of the chigger communities on the major species of rodent hosts. METHODS Rats were captured in 16 counties (or towns) of Yunnan. All the mites on the two auricles of the host were collected and identified. Shannon-Weiner's indices (H,E), the richness indices and dominance indices were adopted to judge the(More)
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