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Cell banking, disease modeling, and cell therapy applications have placed increasing demands on hiPSC technology. Specifically, the high-throughput derivation of footprint-free hiPSCs and their expansion in systems that allow scaled production remains technically challenging. Here, we describe a platform for the rapid, parallel generation, selection, and(More)
We present a dynamic spatio-temporal data structure called the Graph Strip Tree (GStree) for indexing objects constrained to move on a graph. The GStree is designed to efficiently answer range queries about the current or past positions of moving objects. To test the efficiency of our data structure, a road network of 66,437 roads was used. Average search(More)
We present a space optimal spatio-temporal data structure called minimum I/O Graph Strip Tree (minGStree)to index objects assumed to move at constant velocity on the edges of a graph. The minGStree is designed to efficiently answer time instance and time interval queries about the past positions of moving objects. The minGStree uses Θ(n B) blocks of(More)
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