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We present a dynamic spatio-temporal data structure called the Graph Strip Tree (GStree) for indexing objects constrained to move on a graph. The GStree is designed to efficiently answer range queries about the current or past positions of moving objects. To test the efficiency of our data structure, a road network of 66,437 roads was used. Average search(More)
We present a space optimal spatio-temporal data structure called minimum I/O Graph Strip Tree (minGStree)to index objects assumed to move at constant velocity on the edges of a graph. The minGStree is designed to efficiently answer time instance and time interval queries about the past positions of moving objects. The minGStree uses Θ(n B) blocks of(More)
Optimal conditions for extracting gelatin and preparing gelatin film from horse mackerel scale, such as extraction temperature and time, as well as the protein concentration of film-forming solutions were investigated. Yields of extracted gelatin at 70 °C, 80 °C, and 90 °C for 15 min to 3 h were 1.08% to 3.45%, depending on the extraction conditions. Among(More)
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