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The determination of 6-, 8-, 10-gingerol, and 6-shogaol in dried ginger (Zingiber officinale) and in the dried aqueous extract of ginger is reported. This is the first study to report a validated method for the determination of these 4 analytes. Several extraction solvents and methods were examined, and the optimum combination was determined. The samples(More)
A validated analytical method is described for the determination of honokiol and magnolol in Hou Po (Magnolia officinalis) as the dried raw herb and the commercially prepared dried aqueous extract. The samples were extracted with methanol by the Soxhlet method, and the extract was analyzed by liquid chromatography with photodiode array (LC/PDA) detection(More)
A new wastewater treatment process that involves coagulation, ozonation, and microalgae cultivation has been developed. Here, two challenges are discussed. The first was minimizing phosphorus removal during coagulation in order to maximize algal production. The second was to optimize microalgae cultivation; algal species that grow rapidly and produce(More)
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