Thuy Duong Vu

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This paper gives a correctness proof for the on-chip COMA cache coherence protocol that supports the Microgrid of microthreaded architecture, a multi-core architecture capable of integrating hundreds to hundreds of thousands of processors on single silicon chip. We use the Abstract State Machine (ASM) as a theoretical framework for the specification of the(More)
Bergstra, Ponse and van der Zwaag introduced in 2003 the notion of orthogonal bisimulation equivalence on labeled transition systems. This equivalence is a refinement of branching bisimulation, in which consecutive τ-actions (silent steps) can be compressed into one (but not zero) τ-actions. The main advantage of orthogonal bisimulation, compared to(More)
Motivation: Equipped with sophisticated biochemical measurement techniques we generate a massive amount of biomedical data that needs to be analyzed computationally. One long-standing challenge in automatic knowledge extraction is clustering. We seek to partition a set of objects into groups such that the objects within the clusters share common traits.(More)