Thuy Dung Nguyen

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We present a keyphrase extraction algorithm for scientific publications. Different from previous work, we introduce features that capture the positions of phrases in document with respect to logical sections found in scientific discourse. We also introduce features that capture salient morphological phenomena found in scientific keyphrases, such as whether(More)
Scholarly digital libraries increasingly provide analytics to information within documents themselves. This includes information about the logical document structure of use to downstream components, such as search, navigation, and summarization. In this paper, the authors describe SectLabel, a module that further develops existing software to detect the(More)
We present a system description of the WINGNUS team work1 for the SemEval2010 task #5 Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Articles. A key feature of our system is that it utilizes an inferred document logical structure in our candidate identification process, to limit the number of phrases in the candidate list, while maintaining its coverage of(More)
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