Thushara K. Gunaratne

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A new polyphase architecture is proposed for the beam-forming of far-field temporally-broadband-bandpass signals received by an array of arbitrarily placed sensors. The sensor signals are demodulated using an array of synchronous mixers prior to temporal sampling using an array of time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters (TI-ADCs). The sampled data(More)
A novel composite method is proposed to track a j2 X(l 2 2 -W,2(co,.') broadband plane wave (PW) based on it's direction of arrival w A (DOA) using 2D adaptive FIR fan filters. This method exploits d c H2(.X./9 a closed form expression derived for the unit impulse response 3WI t) 2 , 2)) of a 2D fan filter so that only one variable of optimization is 2DDFT(More)
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