Thuruthiyil Dennis Thomas

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The possible role of motor development on psychological function is once again a topic of great theoretical and practical importance. The revival of this issue has stemmed from a different approach to the topic, away from Gesell's interest in the long-term prediction of psychological functions from early motoric assessments, toward an attempt to understand(More)
BACKGROUND Vasculitis is not usually considered as a cause of symmetric sensory neuropathy. OBJECTIVE AND METHODS To present the clinical, pathologic, and electrophysiologic features of 17 (16%) cases of sensory neuropathy in vasculitis (SNV) among 106 cases with histologically proven vasculitic neuropathy that were collected over the last 30 years. (More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the diagnostic value of nerve and muscle biopsy in suspected cases of vasculitis and their correlation with the clinical and electrophysiological data. METHOD We conducted a retrospective review of I 15 nerve and muscle biopsy specimens from cases in the past 20 years at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Muscle and Nerve(More)
For successful cultivation and conservation of plants a detailed knowledge of their reproductive biology is required. The reproductive features of trees are important to determine the diversity patterns and community structure of tropical forests. The present study on reproductive biology of Pittosporum dasycaulon, a rare medicinal tree, was conducted in(More)
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