Thurstan B Brewin

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The results of treating a series of 105 patients (79 with advanced squamous cell carcinoma, 21 with advanced lymphoma, and 5 with miscellaneous tumours) with bleomycin are described. The drug was usually given as a single agent. Four patients with squamous cell carcinoma showed complete regression and there was partial regression in 25. Side effects were(More)
Using Cox's Proportional Hazard Model, we have demonstrated the influence of age, sex, microscopic tumour type, extent of primary tumour, nodal status and the presence of metastases on prognosis, in our population of 441 patients with thyroid carcinoma. The TNM classification contributes significantly to survival, but does not include other contributory(More)
The emphasis on the necessity for fully informed consent in two new books, Doctors' Dilemmas by M. Phillips and J. Dawson and Whose Body Is It? by C. Faulder, is found to be "lacking in balance" by Brewin. The doctor's discretion in dealing with each patient is considered to be the key to determining priorities between paternalism and communication. Rigid(More)