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Mechanical bending of a rat's tibia in vivo can increase endocortical bone formation by over sixfold. It has been proposed that mechanical loading increases bone formation by driving osteoprogenitor cells in the marrow stroma to progress through the cell cycle and subsequently differentiate into osteoblasts at the cortical bone surfaces. We used a(More)
The cyclic nature of walking can lead to repetitive stress and associated complications due to the rate of loading (ROL) experienced by the body at the initial contact of the foot with the ground. An individual's gait kinematics at initial contact has been suggested to give rise to the ROL, and a repetitive, high ROL may lead to several disorders, including(More)
The Stick is a muscle massage device used by athletes, particularly track athletes, to improve performance. The purpose of this project was to assess the acute effects of The Stick on muscle strength, power, and flexibility. Thirty collegiate athletes consented to participate in a 4-week, double-blind study, which consisted of 4 testing sessions (1(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a case of exertional rhabdomyolysis in a collegiate American football player after preventive coldwater immersion. BACKGROUND A healthy man (19 years old) participated in full-contact football practice followed by conditioning (2.5 hours). After practice, he entered a coach-mandated postpractice cold-water immersion and had no signs(More)
Sacral stress fractures are uncommon injuries that are associated with repetitive load-bearing activities. The authors describe a 23-year-old male cross-country runner who presented with low back and buttocks pain. Radiographic findings were unremarkable, but a hop test identified a sacral stress fracture. The patient was instructed to stop running and to(More)
A review and typical case history of a patient with skin burns caused by prolonged exposure to wet cement was presented. This case is similar to other reported cases in the length of exposure, prolonged healing time, and typical scar formation. Burns from prolonged exposure to wet cement can result in potentially devastating long-term sequelae. The(More)
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