Thurein Htun

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The authors assess clinical and radiographic findings of pulmonary nodules and masses after lung and heart-lung transplantation. One hundred and fifty nine patients who survived at least 3 months after lung and heart-lung transplantation were followed by serial chest radiographs for a median of 27 months. Single or multiple lung nodules or masses were noted(More)
Behaviour change communication (BCC) can improve malaria prevention and treatment behaviour. As a one of the activities under Myanmar Artemisinin Resistance Containment (MARC) programme, BCC have been conducting. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the behaviour change communication and community mobilization activities in MARC zones in(More)
The Ayeyarwaddy delta region in the south-west of Myanmar is the main agricultural and rice-growing area. The region has a high density of duck and backyard chicken populations with low biosecurity. The objective of this study was to analyse risk factors for avian influenza (H5) in the Ayeyarwaddy delta region, Myanmar. A case–control risk factor study was(More)
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