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This paper proposes a thermodynamics based approach for the boundary control of distributed single phase reactive systems in one spatial dimension. More precisely, this approach is motivated by the so-called thermodynamic availability directly derived from the concavity of the entropy function for homogeneous mixtures. On this basis, a general connection to(More)
This version is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. Abstract— Photocatalysis is an evolving field that has a potential to become a cost effective water cleaning method. One of the most studied photocatalysts is Titanium Dioxide (TiO 2). It has a high activity in response to(More)
Machine condition prognosis using multi­step ahead prediction and neuro­fuzzy systems Original Citation Tran, Van Tung (2008) Machine condition prognosis using multi­step ahead prediction and neuro­ fuzzy systems. Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be reproduced, displayed or performed and given to third(More)
The paper deals with nonlinear control under input constraints of a non isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) using thermodynamic concepts. More precisely, the paper presents an extension of the previous work (Hoang et al. (2012)) where the jacket temperature is used as the only control input. Constrained input control strategy is based on the(More)
BACKGROUND The 2009 International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians elected to substage patients with positive retroperitoneal lymph nodes as IIIC 1 (pelvic lymph node metastasis only) and IIIC 2 (paraaortic node metastasis with or with positive pelvic lymph nodes). We have investigated the discriminatory ability of subgrouping patients with(More)
Using variational methods we study the non-existence and multiplicity of non-negative solutions for a class of quasilinear elliptic equations of p(x)-Laplacian type with nonlinear boundary conditions of the form-Div(| u|p (x)-2 u)+|u| p(x)-2 u=0 in Ω | u| p(x)-2 \∂u\∂ n =λ g(x,u) on ∂ Ω where Ω is a bounded domain with smooth boundary, n is the outer unit(More)
This paper deals with the nonexistence and multiplicity of nonnegative, nontrivial solutions to a class of degenerate and singular elliptic systems of the form{(-div (h 1 (x) u) = λ F u (x, u, v), in Ω,;-div (h 2 (x) v) = λ F v (x, u, v), in Ω,) where Ω is a bounded domain with smooth boundary ∂Ω in R N , N 2, and h i : Ω → [0, ∞), h i L loc 1 (Ω), h i (i =(More)
Flexure parallel mechanism (FPM) possessing selective actuation (SA) feature can be used as a micro-positioner. The design of SA FPMs consists of type synthesis of parallel mechanisms possessing the required number of degree of freedom (DOF), geometric arrangement of the structure to obtain the SA and conversion of the kinematic mechanism into the flexure(More)