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Characteristics of acid soluble collagen and pepsin soluble collagen from scale of spotted golden goatfish (Parupeneus heptacanthus).
Both collagens exhibited high solubility in acidic pH (2-4) and were soluble in the presence of NaCl at concentration up to 20 and 30g/l for ASC and PSC, respectively. Expand
Physico-mechanical and antimicrobial properties of gelatin film from the skin of unicorn leatherjacket incorporated with essential oils
Gelatin films incorporated with bergamot (BO) and lemongrass oil (LO) at various concentrations as glycerol substitute were prepared and characterised. Incorporation of BO and LO at 5e25% (w/wExpand
Characteristics and functional properties of gelatin from splendid squid (Loligo formosana) skin as affected by extraction temperatures
Gelatin was extracted from the skin of splendid squid (Loligo formosana) at different temperatures (50, 60, 70 and 80 °C) with extraction yield of 8.8%, 21.8%, 28.2%, and 45.3% (dry weight basis) forExpand
Properties and antioxidant activity of fish skin gelatin film incorporated with citrus essential oils.
Properties of protein-based film from fish skin gelatin incorporated with different citrus essential oils, including bergamot, kaffir lime, lemon and lime (50% based on protein) in the presence ofExpand
Properties and antimicrobial activity of fish protein isolate/fish skin gelatin film containing basil leaf essential oil and zinc oxide nanoparticles
Composite films based on fish protein isolate (FPI) and fish skin gelatin (FSG) blend incorporated with 50 and 100% (w/w, protein) basil leaf essential oil (BEO) in the absence and presence of 3%Expand
Properties of film from cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) skin gelatin incorporated with cinnamon, clove and star anise extracts
Abstract Properties of film from cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) ventral skin gelatin without and with partial hydrolysis (1.2% degree of hydrolysis) incorporated with 1% ethanolic extract of cinnamonExpand
Extraction and characterisation of pepsin-solubilised collagens from the skin of bigeye snapper (Priacanthus tayenus and Priacanthus macracanthus).
Tongol tuna pepin could be used as a replacement for mammalian pepsin in PSC extraction, and a slight difference in P SC properties was found. Expand
Physico-chemical properties, morphology and antioxidant activity of film from fish skin gelatin incorporated with root essential oils
Abstract The influences of three root essential oils (ginger, turmeric and plai) at different levels (25%, 50% and 100%, based on protein content) on properties and antioxidative activity of fishExpand
Effects of partial hydrolysis and plasticizer content on the properties of film from cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) skin gelatin
Abstract Properties of film from cuttlefish ( Sepia pharaonis ) ventral skin gelatin with different degree of hydrolysis (DH: 0.40, 0.80 and 1.20%) added with glycerol as plasticizer at variousExpand
Characterization of edible films from skin gelatin of brownstripe red snapper and bigeye snapper
Edible films were successfully prepared from fish skin gelatin of brownstripe red snapper (Lutjanus vitta) and bigeye snapper (Priacanthus macracanthus). Films with greater protein content had higherExpand