Thumatty R. Vishnu Arun Kumar

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In urban search and rescue (USAR) applications, robots play a pivotal role. As USAR is time sensitive, swarm of robots is preferred over single robot for victim search. Tethered robots are widely used in USAR applications because tether provides robust data communication and power supply. The problem with using tethers in a collapsed, unstructured(More)
Autonomous robots can be tethered or untethered. For applications which are time-intensive or those which involve noisy environments, tethered robots are preferred. This is because tethers provide robust data communication and uninterrupted power delivery. Tether management is an important research domain, which has not been well explored. Our research work(More)
We report studies on the temperature dependent alignment behavior of a homologous series of trans, trans- 4, 4'-dialkyl-(1α,1' α-bicyclohexyl)-4β-carbonitrile (CCNs) on a perfluoropolymer coated cells. Among six compounds in the series, one (CCN-35) has only nematic phase and the remaining five have either smectic-A or smectic-B in addition to the nematic(More)
Organic bistable memory devices were fabricated by embedding a thin layer of molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) between two tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminum (Alq3) layers. The device exhibited excellent switching characteristics with an ON/OFF current ratio of 1.15 × 103 at a read voltage of 1 V. The device showed repeatable write-erase capability and good(More)
We report electric field dependence of the anchoring transition in a mesogen on cooling in a cell with perfluoropolymer treated surfaces. Below a crossover voltage V(co) the transition is discontinuous between planar and homeotropic alignments, and as the temperature is lowered, the transition temperature decreases quadratically with the field. Above V(co)(More)
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