Thulasinathan Boobalan

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Porous biomaterial is the preferred implant due to the interconnectivity of the pores. Chances of infection due to biofilm are also high in these biomaterials because of the presence of pores. Although biofilm in implants contributes to 80% of human infections, there are no commercially available natural therapeutics against it. In the current study,(More)
Nitrated and aminated polycarbonates were prepared chemically, characterized and tested in vitro as a possible biomaterial. Adhesion of Staphylococcus aureus NCIM 5021, Escherichia coli NCIM 2931 and Proteus vulgaris NCIM 2813 and the presence of carbohydrate, protein, CFU and ATP on these surfaces were examined. Cytotoxicity of these surfaces was(More)
Papain is covalently crosslinked on polycaprolactam and tested as a wrapper for packaging cottage cheese, against E. coli biofilm. The bacterial count on neat polycaprolactam (NP) was 50×10(6)/ml on the 5th day which dramatically increased to 300×10(6) colony forming units (CFU)/ml by the end of 30th day. The corresponding CFU/ml on papain functionalized(More)
A novel design method of asynchronous domino logic pipeline, which focuses on improving the circuit efficiency and making asynchronous domino logic pipeline design more practical for a wide range of applications. The data paths are composed of a mixture of dual-rail and single-rail domino gates. Dual-rail domino gates are limited to construct a stable(More)
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