Thulasi Mylvaganam

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— A method to find approximate solutions to a class of nonzero-sum differential games without solving partial differential equations is introduced. The solution relies upon the use of a dynamic state feedback control law and the solution of algebraic equations. The two-player case is addressed before the N-player case is discussed and a numerical example(More)
— The problem of steering a team of agents from their initial positions to a predefined end-configuration while avoiding collisions is formulated as a differential game. A method for approximating the solution of the differential game is then presented, providing-Nash strategies. It is shown that approximate solutions are sufficient to guarantee that the(More)
— A two-player nonlinear Stackelberg differential game with player 1 and player 2 as leader and follower, respectively, is considered. The feedback Stackelberg solutions to such games rely on the solution of two coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) for which closed-form solutions cannot in general be found. A method for constructing strategies(More)
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