Thuc Nguyen

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The cytokine thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) drives immature B cell development in vitro and may regulate T helper type 2 responses. Here we analyzed the involvement of TSLP in B cell development in vivo with a doxycycline-inducible, keratin 5-driven transgene encoding TSLP (K5-TSLP). K5-TSLP-transgenic mice given doxycycline showed an influx of(More)
Authentication systems using gait captured from inertial sensors have been recently developed to enhance the limitation of existing mechanisms on mobile devices and achieved promising results. However, most these systems employed pattern recognition and machine learning techniques in which biometric templates are stored insecurely, which could leave(More)
Although Ca2+ plays a critical function in relaying intracellular messages, the role of subcellular organelles in the dynamics of intracellular Ca2+ still remains largely unexplored. We recently demonstrated that secretory granules can signal their own export from the cell by releasing Ca2+ to the cytosol. Oscillations and release of Ca2+ in/from the(More)
Free-space optical (FSO) communication, or laser communication, is capable of providing high-rate communication links, meeting the growing downlink demand of space missions, including those on small-satellite platforms. FSO communication takes advantage of the high-gain nature of narrow laser beams to achieve higher link efficiency than traditional(More)
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