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Wilson introduced XCSF as a successor to XCS. The major development of XCSF is the concept of a computed prediction. The efficiency of XCSF in dealing with numerical input and continuous payoff has been demonstrated. However, the possible actions must always be determined in advance. Yet domains such as robot control require numerical actions, so that(More)
—Mobile authentication/identification has grown into a priority issue nowadays because of its existing outdated mechanisms, such as PINs or passwords. In this paper, we introduce gait recognition by using a mobile accelerometer as not only effective but also as an implicit identification model. Unlike previous works, the gait recognition only performs well(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel gait authentication mechanism by mining sensor resources on mobile phone. Unlike previous works, both built-in accelerometer and magnetometer are used to handle mobile installation issues, including but not limited to disorientation, and misplacement errors. The authentication performance is improved by executing deep(More)
The fact that the data owners outsource their data to external service providers introduces many security and privacy issues. Among them, the most significant research questions relate to data confidentiality and user privacy. Encryption was regarded as a solution for data confidentiality. The privacy of a user is characterized by the query he poses to the(More)