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The combination of vehicles and mobile computers, such as smartphones and wearable devices, has provided many applications in our daily life. However, it is still limited to the applications in personal use. In fact, by utilizing the device-to-device technologies, which make use of the mobile device resources, vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P), vehicle-to-vehicle(More)
Communication demand is paramount for disaster-affected people to confirm safety, seek help, and gather evacuation information. However, the communication infrastructure is likely to be crippled due to a natural disaster, which makes disaster response excruciatingly difficult. Although traditional approaches can partially fulfill the most important(More)
Deployment of portable access points (APs) in disaster affected areas has been heralded by many contemporary researchers as a key technique to formulate disaster recovery networks. However, existing research works do not effectively address one of its key problems, i.e., the low capacity of the backbone network (constructed by the APs) which is unable to(More)
Safety confirmation is one of the most important applications of disaster-resilient networking based on the movable and deployable resource unit (MDRU). With an embedded image database, a single MDRU can provide the safety confirmation application that allows users to search for the images that look similar to the people they are looking for. However, a(More)
Although the importance of Disaster Response Networks (DRNs) has been highlighted in many researches, the requirement of spectrum agility has not been well addressed. In this paper, we focus on using all-spectrum cognitive radio for DRNs to fulfill this requirement. We consider a DRN constructed by Cognitive Radio Base Stations (CRBSs), which are deployed(More)
The high mobility causes rapid change in the topology, may leads to link breakage. It needs extra time to rebuild the paths. Also the packets are dropped due to breakage in the link. In this paper, DSR cache is used to store and reuse the paths, decreasing the time required to rebuild the path. The proposed algorithm can be used to reduce the effect of the(More)
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