Thuan K. Ngo

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To study the blood-brain barrier in vitro pure cerebral endothelial cell cultures, without contaminating cells have to be obtained. Most other cell types besides endothelial cells can be pericytes, a few astrocytes, some smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts and meningeal cells. Careful removal of large vessels and meninges during the dissection and the optimal(More)
For monolinguals, the Simon effect is eliminated when Simon task trials are intermixed with ones in which participants respond to the words left and right with incompatibly mapped keypresses. For bilingual Dutch/French speakers, this result has been shown to occur when the words are in Dutch (their first and primary language), but not when they are in(More)
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of subjective and objective probe questions in predicting situation awareness as measured by the Situation Awareness Rating Technique (SART). The data for this evaluation were taken from a previous investigation in which instrument-rated pilots flew automated ILS approaches into the(More)
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