Thouraya Toukabri

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ISO TC204 and ETSI TC ITS are developing a set of standards for Cooperative ITS (Cooperative Intelligent transportation Systems) which will allow ITS stations i.e. vehicles, the road infrastructure and other peers reachable through the Internet to cooperate and exchange information with one another in order to enhance road safety, traffic efficiency and(More)
Proximity services discovery using LTE-based Device-to-Device (D2D) communications has been recently in the heart of the discussions about the advent of 5G networks. Meanwhile, their related security aspects are of a major concern especially when dealing with direct radio communications and large-scale deployment of D2D. Yet, existing security algorithms(More)
The goal of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is to enhance road safety, traffic efficiency, and comfort of road users based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-toRoadside, and Vehicle-to-Central communications over diverse media such as DSRC, Wi-Fi, 3G, WiMAX, and LTE. IPv6 is the most promising technology that enables a convergence of such(More)
In the evolution path towards the “Always-Connected” era and the trend for even more context-aware services, Device-to-Device communications (D2D) promise to be a key feature of the next-generation mobile networks. Despite remaining technical issues and uncertain business strategies, D2D-based services represent a new market opportunity for mobile operators(More)
In communication network based on device to device interactions, dissemination of the information has lately picked up lot of interest. In this paper we would like to propose a mechanism for studying and enhancing the dissemination of information as in the use case proposed for the future device to device communication protocol. We use the concept of(More)
This paper aims to propose a new solution for failure recovery (dead-ends) in Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communications through LTE-assisted Device-to-Device communications (D2D). Based on the enhanced networking capabilities offered by Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) architecture, our solution can efficiently assist V2V communications in failure(More)
In the recent years, many solutions for Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication were proposed to overcome failure problems (also known as `dead-ends'). This paper proposes a novel framework for V2V failure recovery using Device-to-Device (D2D) communications. Based on the unified Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) architecture, LTE-based D2D mechanisms(More)