Thottempudi Pardhu

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The main aim of this paper is to design the digital frequency meter with frequency analyzing module. As a measuring frequency's instrument, the cymometer often refer to as electronic counter in modern electronic technology. Its basic function is to measure the signal frequency and this frequency counter has a wide range of applications. It is not only used(More)
Watermarking is a technology that complements cryptography by embedding imperceptible signals in work. Information hiding techniques have recently become important in a number of application areas. Digital audio, video and images are increasingly furnished with distinguishing but imperceptible marks, which may contain a hidden copyright notice that helps to(More)
In this paper Low power multipliers can be designed by using new technique. This technique introduces new hybrid full adders and compressors. The new adders allow NAND gates to generate most of the multiplier partial product bits instead of AND gates and inverters which were used in signed multipliers like Baugh-wooley multipliers, thereby lowering the(More)
In this project, a Flash ADC with TIQ(Threshold Inverter Quantizer) comparator and a Wallace tree encoder is described. Both DC and transient analysis report for 3 bit ADC are included. A comparison between Wallace tree and ROM encoder is included in the project illustrating how power can be reduced using Wallace tree encoder instead of ROM encoder. The(More)
This thesis first proposes a hybrid ac/dc micro-grid and its coordination control for reducing the processes of multiple conversions in an individual ac or dc grid. Renewable energy based distributed generators (DGs) play a dominant role in electricity production, with the increase in the global warming. Distributed generation based on wind, solar energy,(More)
This work deals with medical image retrieval using Discrete Wavelet Transform. In this the retrieval results from texture feature are analyzed. The color information of an image is represented by the hue, saturation and intensity values. The texture features are determined by calculating the energy, entropy, contrast and correlation values. Discrete Wavelet(More)
We present a new design for a 1-bit full adder featuring hybrid-CMOS design style. Our approach achieves low-energy operations in 90nm technology. Hybrid-CMOS design style makes use of various CMOS logic style circuits to build new full adders with desired specifications. The new SERFfull adder (FA) circuit optimized for ultra low power operation is based(More)
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