Thotreingam Kasar

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This paper presents a method to detect table regions in document images by identifying the column and row lineseparators and their properties. The method employs a runlength approach to identify the horizontal and vertical lines present in the input image. From each group of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, a set of 26 low-level features are(More)
Text is no longer confined to scanned pages and often appears in camera-based images originating from text on real world objects. Unlike the images from conventional flatbed scanners, which have a controlled acquisition environment, camera-based images pose new challenges such as uneven illumination, blur, poor resolution, perspective distortion and 3D(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Dans cet article, nous présentons les résultats obtenus par un détecteur de tableau dans le cadre des campagnes MAURDOR, pour lesquelles le corpus présente la particularité de contenir des document fortement hétérogènes dans leur mise en page, leurs scripts et les langues utilisées. ABSTRACT. This paper presents the results obtained by a table(More)
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