Thota Rajesh

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We aim to develop an expert system (ES) to the farmers in Meghalaya state for managing rice diseases. The rice diseases prevailing in this area were identified and confirmed after discussion with the domain experts and interacting with the farmers through structured interview schedule. The diagnosed rice diseases were Blast (Pyricularia grisea), Brown Spot(More)
Even though there is a extraordinary development in the area of designing various electric motors, Owing to their flexibility for controlling and having wide range of speed control, DC motors are having their importance in many industrial applications, Mostly in all the control system algorithms DC motor drives are existing. This paper presents a sensorless(More)
In this paper, we describe about the monitoring of Indian agriculture using LPC2148. Monitoring of Indian agriculture is done using information of the temperature and humidity content. This is mainly used for saving water and monitoring agriculture without human presence. Temperature sensor and humidity sensor will continuously sense the information(More)
This work presents power generation using Attic type (internally braced) air exhauster to generate the electrical power for industrial application. Generally power can be generated from renewable and non-renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, coal, natural gas and petroleum. To satisfy the growing power demand the industry focuses on(More)
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