Thota K. Radhakrishnan

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A flow process with time delay has been considered for modeling and control. A dilute solution of sodium chloride is used as tracer and an online conductivity measurement unit as sensor and recorder. The objective of the current study is to design control algorithms and present corresponding robust control analysis for the process. The control methodologies(More)
Most of the large and complex industrial processes are naturally Multi Input Multi Output systems. Compared with single-input single-output (SISO) counterparts, MIMO systems are more complex to control due to inherent nonlinearity and due to the existence of interactions among input and output variables. Control of nonlinear MIMO process is a challenging(More)
0957-4174/$ see front matter 2010 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2010.09.118 ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +91 431 2503104; fax E-mail addresses: (R. Jain), n (T.K. Radhakrishnan). Nonlinearities present in the systems make their controller design a non-trivial task. The difficulty further increases in case of(More)
Internal model control (IMC) with optimal H2 minimization framework is proposed in this paper for design of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. The controller design is addressed for integrating and double integrating time delay processes with right half plane (RHP) zeros. Blaschke product is used to derive the optimal controller. There is a(More)
In this research work, the authors have presented the design and implementation of a recurrent neural network (RNN) based inferential state estimation scheme for an ideal reactive distillation column. Decentralized PI controllers are designed and implemented. The reactive distillation process is controlled by controlling the composition which has been(More)
The paper presents the steps involved in implementing a customizable wireless sensor node for the detection of gaseous substances leakage in both internal and external environments. The node consists of various modules namely, sensors, signal conditioning, computational unit, wireless communication and power supply. The measurand to be measured are carbon(More)
The measurement of fluorescence quenching activity of [Ru(L)3] with 4,7-diphenyl1,10 phenanthroline (dip) on silica gel and embedded in polystyrene polymers for the determination of dissolved oxygen using fiber optic probe is described here. The system is extended by immobilization of glucose oxidaze (GOD) for the determination of glucose. The objective of(More)
The effect of various system parameters such as wastewater Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) concentration, pH, conductivity, membrane size and thickness on efficient energy production using mixed isolated culture from the distillery wastewater in the MFC was studied. The power density increased with increase in the anolyte pH from 6 to 8. The peak power density(More)
Tangentially-fired furnaces (TFF) are vortex-combustion units and are widely used in steam generators of thermal power plants. Perfect modeling and simulation of furnace gas temperature is quite difficult, due to its complex aerodynamics of burning particles, flame stability and hot gas flow distribution throughout the furnace. The temperature of the(More)