Thorvald Pedersen

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The degradation of the adsorbent Tenax TA was studied qualitatively by sampling oxidants common in indoor air followed by thermal desorption and gas chromatography. A total of 25 degradation products were identified. Several degradation products not reported previously were identified: 9 for nitrogen dioxide; 11 for ozone; 2 for hydrogen peroxide; 12 for(More)
  • Harald Møllendala, Sergej I. Kozhushkovb, Armin de..Æeijereb, Thorvald Pedersen, Amlin de Mejere
  • 2005
:. A major interest of this laboratory has been the study of intramolecular hydrogen (H) bonding in isolated molecules.l 2-Bicyclopropylidenylmethanol (BIe) has been chosen for study this time. l'I,ineallstaggered forms are possible for this compound as a result of rotation around the C5-C7 and C7-08 bonds. These rotamers are sketched in Fig. l, and given(More)
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