Thorsten Petruschke

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This study assesses and demonstrates that CONTOUR® XT-BGMS (CXT-BGMS) complies with the requirements of the German (RiliBÄK) and Swiss (QUALAB) quality control guidelines for point-of-care testing (POCT) and fulfills the ISO15197:2013 accuracy limits criteria under the routine conditions of a hospital point-of care setting. This single-center study was(More)
BACKGROUND Self-monitoring of blood glucose is crucial for the effective self-management of diabetes. The present study evaluated the accuracy of the Contour® XT blood glucose monitoring system (BGMS) compared to the reference method in a large multicenter study under routine lab conditions at each hospital site. METHODS This study was conducted at 21(More)
BACKGROUND Blood glucose monitoring is an essential component of diabetes management. Inaccurate blood glucose measurements can severely impact patients' health. This study evaluated the performance of 3 blood glucose monitoring systems (BGMS), Contour® Next USB, FreeStyle InsuLinx®, and OneTouch® Verio™ IQ, under routine hospital conditions. METHODS(More)
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