Thorsten Nikolaus

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To lay the groundwork for devising, improving and implementing strategies to prevent or delay the onset of disability in the elderly, we conducted a systematic literature review of longitudinal studies published between 1985 and 1997 that reported statistical associations between individual base-line risk factors and subsequent functional status in(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of a multifaceted, nonpharmaceutical intervention on incidence of falls and fallers. DESIGN Prospective, cluster-randomized, controlled 12-month trial. SETTING Six community nursing homes in Germany. PARTICIPANTS Long-stay residents (n = 981) aged 60 and older; mean age 85; 79% female. INTERVENTIONS Staff and(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of an intervention by a multidisciplinary team to reduce falls in older people's homes. DESIGN Randomized, controlled trial with follow-up of subjects for 1 year. SETTING University-affiliated geriatric hospital and older patients' homes. PARTICIPANTS Three hundred sixty subjects (mean age +/- standard deviation =(More)
OBJECTIVE to prove the effectiveness of geriatric evaluation and management for elderly, hospitalized patients, combined with post-discharge home intervention by an interdisciplinary team. DESIGN randomized controlled trial with outcome and costs assessed for 12 months after the date of admission. SETTING university-affiliated geriatric hospital and the(More)
Power has been demonstrated to be an early and potent marker of frailty. The measurements currently available are tied to locality. Usually, measurements include single joint movements or movements of only the legs and the resistance is not adjusted for body weight. In this study, a portable method to measure power in the sit-to-stand transfer was(More)
OBJECTIVE Fear of falling (FOF) is an important threat to autonomy. Current interventions to reduce FOF have yielded conflicting results. A possible reason for this discrepancy could be its multicausality. Some risk factors may not have been identified and addressed in recent studies. The last systematic review included studies until 2006. METHODS To(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine medication problems during a stay in hospital and after discharge and to identify risk factors that contribute to poor compliance with medication a prospective observational study was carried out in an university-affiliated geriatric hospital and a patients' home. PATIENTS One hundred and nineteen patients admitted from home to the(More)
BACKGROUND Aims of the present study are the following: 1. to describe the rationale and methodology of the Services and Health for Elderly in Long TERm care (SHELTER) study, a project funded by the European Union, aimed at implementing the interRAI instrument for Long Term Care Facilities (interRAI LTCF) as a tool to assess and gather uniform information(More)
OBJECTIVES The study aims to evaluate the psychometric properties of the German version of a scale for the assessment of pain in advanced dementia (PAINAD-G). DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Eight nursing homes. PARTICIPANTS Ninety-nine residents in 8 nursing homes diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease (68.3%) or other types of dementia (31.7%)(More)
BACKGROUND The observation scale PAINAD (pain assessment in advanced dementia) is composed of five behavioral categories: breathing, vocalization, facial expression, body language, and consolability. The present study investigates the construct validity of the German version. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a prospective one-dimensional observation(More)