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Obgleich von herausragender Bedeutung für eine Reihe von neurologischen wie auch psychiatrischen Fragestellungen, hat sich im deutschen Sprachraum die Diagnostik von Simulation, suboptimalem Leistungsverhalten und negativen Antwortverzerrungen bislang noch nicht in der Breite durchgesetzt. Ausreichend validierte Instrumente stehen nur eingeschränkt zur(More)
This paper presents procedural guidance for performing activities of creative problem-solving within systems engineering. We have applied this method in four case studies in different domains, slightly varying the techniques applied. This paper describes the experience gained and gives recommendations. Furthermore, the procedure integrates itself seamlessly(More)
The representation of traceability links in requirements knowledge is vital to improve the general understanding of requirements as well as the relevance and consequences of relations between requirements artifacts and other artifacts in software engineering. Various visualization techniques have been developed to support the representation of traceability(More)
Although malingering, suboptimal cognitive performance, and negative response bias represent very problematic confounds in diagnostic work with a number of neurological and some psychiatric illnesses, the evaluation of these tendencies has not yet become common practice in German-speaking countries. Only a limited number of adequately validated instruments(More)
Obwohl die Demenz neben Gangstörungen und Harninkontinenz als eines der drei Hauptmerkmale des Normaldruckhydrozephalus (NPH) gilt, ist seit der Erstbeschreibung Mitte der 60er Jahre eine nur begrenzte Anzahl kontrollierter Studien der Frage neuropsychologischer Störungen bei dieser Erkrankung nachgegangen. Ein sehr breites Spektrum psychopathologisch(More)
Software repository data, for example in issue tracking systems, include natural language text and technical information, which includes anything from log files via code snippets to stack traces. However, data mining is often only interested in one of the two types e.g. in natural language text when looking at text mining. Regardless of which type is(More)
[Context and motivation] Communication in distributed software development is usually supported by issue tracking systems. Within these systems, most of the communication is stored as unstructured natural language text. The natural language text, however, contains much information with respect to requirements management, e.g. discussion, clarification and(More)
In a two semester software engineering (SE) course at Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University students have the opportunity to actually elicit, analyze and document requirements as well as design and develop a correspondent software product in teams of approximately four. The students have to use an issue tracking software in combination with a Requirements Engineering(More)