Thorsten Kattelans

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From the literature it is known that spectral least-squares schemes perform poorly with respect to mass conservation and compensate this lack by a superior conservation of momentum. This should be revised, since the here presented new least-squares spectral collocation scheme leads to an outstanding performance with respect to conservation of momentum and(More)
A least-squares spectral collocation scheme for the steady and unsteady Stokes equations is proposed. The original domain is decomposed into quadrilateral subelements and on the element interfaces continuity of the functions is enforced in the least-squares sense. The collocation conditions and the interface conditions lead to overdetermined systems. These(More)
We present a new least-squares scheme that leads to a superior conservation of mass and momentum: The Least-Squares Spectral Collocation Method (LSSCM). From the literature it is known that the LSFEM has to be modified to obtain a mass conserving scheme. The LSSEM compensates the lack in conservation of mass by a superior conservation of momentum. The key(More)
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