Thorsten Köhler

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Current in-car navigation systems provide only a limited level of adaption to the driver and driving conditions. The driver's actual information need while interacting with the navigation interface is not taken into account. This paper aims at investigating the impact of situational features on the drivers' support need as well as proposing modes of(More)
BACKGROUND Job satisfaction in the hospital is an important predictor for many significant management ratios. Acceptance in professional life or high workload are known as important predictors for job satisfaction. The influence of social capital in hospitals on job satisfaction within the health care system, however, remains to be determined. Thus, this(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study aims to measure the determinants of the innovative climate in German banks with a focus on workplace health management (WHM). METHODS We analyze the determinants of innovative climate with multiple regressions using a dataset based on standardized telephone interviews conducted with health promotion experts from 198 randomly(More)
PURPOSE To investigate accident casualties' long-term subjective evaluation of treatment outcome 6 weeks and 12 months after discharge and its relation to the experienced surgeon's empathy during hospital treatment after trauma in consideration of patient-, injury-, and health-related factors. The long-term results are compared to the 6-week follow-up(More)
Background. The prevalence of constipation in the (German) population has been shown to be 14.9% in a telephone survey, but more detailed data are required to characterize the sociographics and clinical characteristics of persons with different types of functional constipation, either constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C) or functional(More)
In the past years, driver analyzing has become a field of increasing interest. Within this topic, camera based as well as camera free systems are in the scope of researchers all over the world with the overall goal to detect, for example, critical driver states like drowsiness or distraction. Unfortunately, there are yet no comprehensive models for(More)
Background. Comorbidity in chronic constipation has rarely been investigated, despite the fact that constipation can occur as one symptom in a number of neurological, systemic, and other nonintestinal and intestinal disorders. Methods. Of 1037 individuals with constipation identified during a telephone survey, 589 returned a postal questionnaire with valid(More)
—Reasonable integration of gesture-based automotive HMI-functionality offers potential safety benefits by reducing driver distractions and glance times to operate tertiary in-car devices. Stereo camera systems are a well investigated choice to perform the task of generating depth data for spatial gesture recognition. This paper describes the functionality(More)
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