Thorsten Hennig-Thurau

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The Internet makes it possible for consumers to obtain electronic word of mouth from other consumers. Customer comments articulated via the Internet are available to a vast number of other customers, and therefore can be expected to have a significant impact on the success of goods and services. This paper derives several motives that explain why customers(More)
We examine the relative roles of marketing actions and product quality in determining commercial success. Using the motion picture context, in which product quality is difficult for consumers to anticipate and information on product success is available for different points in time, we model the effects of studio actions and movie quality on a movie's sales(More)
Recommender systems are intended to assist consumers by making choices from a large scope of items. While most recommender research focuses on improving the accuracy of recommender algorithms, this paper stresses the role of explanations for recommended items for gaining acceptance and trust. Specifically, we present a method which is capable of providing(More)
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