Thorsten Heimann

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OBJECTIVES To point out the problem of non-uniform landmark placement in statistical shape modeling, to present an improved method for generating landmarks in the 3D case and to propose an unbiased evaluation metric to determine model quality. METHODS Our approach minimizes a cost function based on the minimum description length (MDL) of the shape model(More)
Industrial and automotive image acquisition systems require dedicated CMOS image sensors with increased optical dynamic range, high image quality, and a high local contrast. Whereas image sensors with high dynamic range can be realized using logarithmic pixel characteristic their image quality and contrast are rather poor. In this contribution we present(More)
Segmentation using deformable model-based approaches has become a common application in 3D medical image analysis, as it provides a fast and robust method to detect structures, e.g. organs, fully-automated after initialization. However, some earlier approaches in some cases did not converge in the segmentation process even on rather good datasets or showed(More)
We present the design and realization of a compact volume holographic memory based on phase-coded multiplexing. Due to the use of nonmechanical reference beam changes in this multiplexing technique, rapid access of the stored data pages is achieved. Our system can reach a maximum storage capacity up to 480 data pages with a resolution of 640 480 pixels in a(More)
This paper aims at enhancing the previously formulated culture-theoretical explanation of risk-related perception and action with ecological and institutional connectedness. This is needed for global comparison of adaptation cultures as well as transferability of local knowledge. Differences in climate-related patterns of knowledge will therefore be(More)
Segmentation, i.e. the labelling of objects in image data, is a crucial step in many medical imaging processing tasks, e.g. operation planning, radio therapy or diagnostics. Seeded region growing is a basic yet effective method for semi-automatic segmentation. Its major drawback is that poor contrast at the organ edges may result in leaks, letting the area(More)
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