Thorsten Göttsche

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Naltrexone (NLX), an opioid antagonist, is widely used in the treatment of opiate addiction, alcoholism and smoking cessation. Its current peroral administration induces various adverse side effects and has limited efficacy since bioavailability and patient compliance are poor. The development of a long-acting drug delivery system of NLX may overcome the(More)
This paper presents a novel fully implantable wireless sensor system intended for long-term monitoring of hypertension patients, designed for implantation into the femoral artery with computed tomography angiography. It consists of a pressure sensor and a telemetric unit, which is wirelessly connected to an extracorporeal readout station for energy supply(More)
This paper reports on the drug release mechanisms of silicone structures with embedded steroids applied in pacing leads. Different derivatives of the steroid dexamethasone, which is associated with the reduction of acute stimulation thresholds, were evaluated together with different matrix based release control mechanisms with the target to potentially(More)
Naltrexone is widely used in the treatment of opiate addiction but its current peroral administration is characterized by low bioavailability with various side effects. The development of a long-acting transbuccal delivery device (IntelliDrug) for NLX may be useful to improve patient compliance and the therapy effectiveness. The aims of the study are (a) to(More)
Hypertonia and heart failures have become two of the main diseases affecting today's human population. A telemetric controlled sensor implant without a battery is being developed and evaluated with in vivo experiments for use as a powerful tool in long-term post surgical evaluation of heart pressure, body temperature and pulse rate. Its capabilities are(More)
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