Thorsten Ehlers

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Two words are called k-abelian equivalent, if they share the same multiplic-ities for all factors of length at most k. We present an optimal linear time algorithm for identifying all occurrences of factors in a text that are k-abelian equivalent to some pattern P. Moreover, an optimal algorithm for finding the largest k for which two words are k-abelian(More)
The Directed Layering Problem (DLP) solves a step of the widely used layer-based approach to automatically draw directed acyclic graphs. To cater for cyclic graphs, usually a preprocessing step is used that solves the Feedback Arc Set Problem (FASP) to make the graph acyclic before a layering is determined. Here we present the Generalized Layering Problem(More)
This paper studies new properties of the front and back ends of a sorting network, and illustrates the utility of these in the search for new bounds on optimal sorting networks. Search focuses first on the " outsides " of the network and then on the inner part. All previous works focus only on properties of the front end of networks and on how to apply(More)
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