Thorsten E. Reichert

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This retrospective study aimed at evaluating the recurrence rates of keratocystic odontogenic tumors (KCOTs) that were enucleated with and without the application of Carnoy’s solution (CS). The study included 36 KCOTs treated between 1996 and 2006. Recurrence rates were investigated in correlation with the respective treatment method applied. Additionally,(More)
We report the routing of quantum light emitted by self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots (QDs) into the optical modes of a GaAs ridge waveguide and its efficient detection on-chip via evanescent coupling to NbN superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SSPDs). The waveguide coupled SSPDs primarily detect QD luminescence, with scattered photons from the(More)
Reliable technologies for the monolithic integration of lasers onto silicon represent the holy grail for chip-level optical interconnects. In this context, nanowires (NWs) fabricated using III-V semiconductors are of strong interest since they can be grown site-selectively on silicon using conventional epitaxial approaches. Their unique one-dimensional(More)
Strongly confined photonic modes can couple to quantum emitters and mechanical excitations. To harness the full potential in quantum photonic circuits, interactions between different constituents have to be precisely and dynamically controlled. Here, a prototypical coupled element, a photonic molecule defined in a photonic crystal membrane, is controlled by(More)
We report on non-conventional lasing in a photonic-crystal nanocavity that operates with only four solid-state quantum-dot emitters. In a comparison between microscopic theory and experiment, we demonstrate that irrespective of emitter detuning, lasing with [Formula: see text] is facilitated by means of emission from dense-lying multi-exciton states. In the(More)
Aim To evaluate whether and how the transcription factor early growth response gene 1 (EGR1) affects the osteogenic differentiation of dental stem cells. Methology Dental stem cells from apical papilla (SCAPs) and from the dental follicle (DFCs) were transfected with EGR1 specific siRNA or EGR-1 expression plasmid. Gene regulation was verified at protein(More)
The relatively short lifetime of rare-gas discharge pump light sources for high-power cw solid-state lasers is caused mainly by vaporized cathode emitter material reacting with the thermally highly loaded quartz wall. The introduction of new bipolar electrodes without special emitter materials mounted on hot-ended molybdenum-cup seals, together with 60-kHz(More)
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