Thorsten Bulo

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Because of the rapid increase of distributed generation, active voltage regulation becomes relevant for low voltage networks. In this paper, several power electronic voltage regulation approaches are presented and compared to each other through a Monte-Carlo-based network analysis. The focus of the investigation is on a series voltage regulator, for which(More)
 Abstract— The generation of power by photovoltaic (PV) systems is constantly increasing in low-voltage (LV) distribution grids, in line with the European environmental targets. To cope with the effects on grid voltage profiles during high generation and low demand periods, new solutions need to be established. In the long term, these solutions should also(More)
This paper describes how inverters can stabilize the grid frequency in an interconnected system. The grid frequency is currently mainly controlled by synchronous generators. With the further increase of distributed generation, inverters need to provide more grid support services. In particular, instantaneous frequency control is still exclusively provided(More)
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