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Bank Competition and Stability: Cross-country Heterogeneity
This paper documents large cross-country variation in the relationship between bank competition and bank stability and explores market, regulatory and institutional features that can explain thisExpand
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Bank Competition and Financial Stability: Friends or Foes?
Theory makes ambiguous predictions about the relationship between market structure and competitiveness of the banking system and banking sector stability. Empirical studies focusing on individualExpand
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Bank Competition and Access to Finance: International Evidence
Using a unique database for 74 countries and for firms of small, medium, and large size we assess the effect of banking market structure on the access of firms to bank finance. We find that bankExpand
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Who Gets the Credit? And Does it Matter? Household vs. Firm Lending Across Countries
An electronic cigarette and fluid dispensing system (E-Cig FDS) that utilizes an electronic cigarette (e-cig) having an inner end, an outer end, and an outer surface with a first aperture and aExpand
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Is More Finance Better? Disentangling Intermediation and Size Effects of Financial Systems
Financial systems all over the world have grown dramatically over recent decades. But is more finance necessarily better? And what concept of financial system – a focus on its size, including bothExpand
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Why are interest spreads so high in Uganda
Using international comparisons and a unique bank-level dataset on the Ugandan banking system over the period 1999 to 2005, we explore the factors behind consistently high interest rate spreads andExpand
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Gender and Banking: Are Women Better Loan Officers?
Using a unique data set for a commercial bank in Albania, we analyze gender differences in loan officers' performance. Loans screened and monitored by female loan officers have a lower likelihood toExpand
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Who Gets the Credit? And Does It Matter? Household vs. Firm Lending Across Countries
While theory predicts different effects of household credit and enterprise credit on the economy, the empirical literature has mainly used aggregate measures of overall bank lending to the privateExpand
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Bank Efficiency, Ownership, and Market Structure: Why are Interest Spreads so High in Uganda?
Using a unique bank-level data set on the Ugandan banking system during 1999-2005, the authors explore the factors behind consistently high interest rate spreads and margins. While foreign banksExpand
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When arm’s length is too far. Relationship banking over the credit cycle
We conduct face-to-face interviews with bank chief executive officers to classify 397 banks across 21 countries as relationship or transaction lenders. We then use the geographic coordinates of theseExpand
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