Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson

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The Langevin updating rule, in which noise is added to the weights during learning , is presented and analyzed. It is well controlled and, being a natural extension to standard backpropagation learning, easily combined with other modiications of back-propagation. If the Hessian matrix is numerically ill-conditioned, Langevin updating converges faster than(More)
The discrimination powers of Multilayer perceptron (MLP) and Learning Vector Quantisation (LVQ) networks are compared for overlapping Gaussian distributions. It is shown, both analytically and with Monte Carlo studies, that the MLP network handles high dimensional problems in a more eecient way than LVQ. This is mainly due to the sigmoidal form of the MLP(More)
Figure 4.1 shows a simple sketch of the hydrogen peroxide production process. A “working solution”, a mixture of a complex organic chemical called an anthraquinone and solvents, is circulated in the plant. Hydrogen is added to the anthraquinone molecule in a first hydrogenation step. In the following step it is oxidized with air to produce hydrogen peroxide(More)
Embedded network software has become increasingly interesting for both research and business as more and more networked embedded systems emerge. Well-known infrastructure protocol stacks are reimplemented on new emerging embedded hardware and software architectures. Also, newly designed or revised protocols are implemented in response to new application(More)
This paper presents an overview of an autonomous robotic material handling system. The goal of the system is to extend the functionalities of traditional AGVs to operate in highly dynamic environments. Traditionally, the reliable functioning of AGVs relies on the availability of adequate infrastructure to support navigation. In the target environments of(More)
Several groups have proposed that genotypic determinants in gag and the gp41 cytoplasmic domain (gp41-CD) reduce protease inhibitor (PI) susceptibility without PI-resistance mutations in protease. However, no gag and gp41-CD mutations definitively responsible for reduced PI susceptibility have been identified in individuals with virological failure (VF)(More)
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