Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson

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The discrimination powers of Multilayer perceptron (MLP) and Learning Vector Quantisation (LVQ) networks are compared for overlapping Gaussian distributions. It is shown, both analytically and with Monte Carlo studies, that the MLP network handles high dimensional problems in a more eecient way than LVQ. This is mainly due to the sigmoidal form of the MLP(More)
BACKGROUND Proteases of human pathogens are becoming increasingly important drug targets, hence it is necessary to understand their substrate specificity and to interpret this knowledge in practically useful ways. New methods are being developed that produce large amounts of cleavage information for individual proteases and some have been applied to extract(More)
Modern vehicles have increasing amounts of data streaming continuously on-board their controller area networks. These data are primarily used for controlling the vehicle and for feedback to the driver, but they can also be exploited to detect faults and predict failures. The traditional diagnostics paradigm, which relies heavily on human expert knowledge,(More)
An automated peak picking strategy is presented where several peak sets with different signal-to-noise levels are combined to form a more reliable statement on the protein identity. The strategy is compared against both manual peak picking and industry standard automated peak picking on a set of mass spectra obtained after tryptic in gel digestion of 2D-gel(More)
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