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The role of social support in the acculturation and mental health of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.
There is a lack of knowledge about psychosocial resources that may sustain post-resettlement psychological adjustment among unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers. The aim of this study is to investigateExpand
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Bullying and PTSD Symptoms
PTSD symptoms related to school bullying have rarely been investigated, and never in national samples. We used data from a national survey to investigate this among students from grades 8 and 9 (n =Expand
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Aggression and bullying
Models are presented describing how bullying others and being bullied are related to proactive and reactive aggressiveness. This was investigated among 1801 pupils in Norwegian schools at the end ofExpand
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School-based intervention programs for PTSD symptoms: a review and meta-analysis.
This is a review and meta-analysis of school-based intervention programs targeted at reducing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Nineteen studies conducted in 9 different countriesExpand
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Post-traumatic stress disorder as a consequence of bullying at work and at school. A literature review and meta-analysis
Bullying has been established as a prevalent traumatic stressor both in school and at workplaces. It has been claimed that the mental and physical health problems found among bullied personsExpand
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Classroom Social Structure and Motivational Climates: On the influence of teachers' involvement, teachers' autonomy support and regulation in relation to motivational climates in school classrooms
This study investigates the relationship between students' perceptions of the social structure in the classroom and perceptions of the motivational climate among 1171 Norwegian eighth‐grade studentsExpand
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Depression among unaccompanied minor refugees: the relative contribution of general and acculturation-specific daily hassles
ABSTRACT Objectives. This study is designed to provide an empirical conceptualization of daily hassles among unaccompanied refugees, and whether they might affect mental health of young refugeesExpand
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Resilience and acculturation among unaccompanied refugee minors
The present study was designed to understand differences between unaccompanied refugees who retained or achieved good mental health (healthy or resilient) and those who maintained or developed poorExpand
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Effects of a group-based counselling programme on diabetes-related stress, coping, psychological well-being and metabolic control in adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
This study was designed to determine whether participation in a group-based counselling programme would result in reduced diabetes-related stress, improved coping and psychological well-being as wellExpand
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Perceptions of support, diabetes-related coping and psychological well-being in adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
The purpose of this cross-sectional study is to examine the relationship between support from health care professionals and the family, diabetes-related coping, and psychological well-being byExpand
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