Thorin L. Geister

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Apart from regulating insect development, juvenile hormones (JHs) play an important role in insect reproduction, where they initiate vitellogenin synthesis and regulate the uptake of yolk by the ovary. JH synthesis is a tightly regulated process controlled by neurons and peptidergic neurosecretory cells. One of the known stimulatory regulators of JH(More)
BACKGROUND Aging in the lower face leads to lines, wrinkles, depression of the corners of the mouth, and changes in lip volume and lip shape, with increased sagging of the skin of the jawline. Refined, easy-to-use, validated, objective standards assessing the severity of these changes are required in clinical research and practice. OBJECTIVE To establish(More)
BACKGROUND Twenty grading scales have been developed to assess age-related facial changes. Until now, the validity with regard to the patient's actual age and the clinical importance of combined measurement tools to describe facial aging was unclear. OBJECTIVE To investigate the reliability and validity of a total face score and three global face(More)
Traditionally, it has been assumed that all acclimation changes to the phenotype enhance the performance of an individual organism in the environment in which those changes were induced (beneficial acclimation hypothesis [BAH]), a theory that has been repeatedly challenged in recent years. We here use a full-factorial design with 2 developmental and 2(More)
BACKGROUND The ability to withstand thermal stress is considered to be of crucial importance for individual fitness and species' survival. Thus, organisms need to employ effective mechanisms to ensure survival under stressful thermal conditions, among which phenotypic plasticity is considered a particularly quick and effective one. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL(More)
BACKGROUND In the Lepidoptera it was historically believed that adult butterflies rely primarily on larval-derived nutrients for reproduction and somatic maintenance. However, recent studies highlight the complex interactions between storage reserves and adult income, and that the latter may contribute significantly to reproduction. Effects of adult diet(More)
BACKGROUND The improvement of aesthetic treatment options for age-related mid face changes, such as volume loss, and the increase in patient expectations necessitates the development of more-complex and globally accepted assessment tools. OBJECTIVE To develop three grading scales for objective assessment of the infraorbital hollow and upper and lower(More)
BACKGROUND Age-related upper face changes such as wrinkles, lines, volume loss, and anatomic alterations may affect quality of life and psychological well-being. The development of globally accepted tools to assess these changes objectively is an essential contribution to aesthetic research and routine clinical medicine. OBJECTIVE To establish the(More)
PURPOSE To develop a patient-reported outcome measure for spasticity-related pain in children/adolescents (age 2-17 years) with cerebral palsy (CP), the 'Questionnaire on Pain caused by Spasticity (QPS).' METHODS Using a semi-structured interview guide, concept elicitation interviews on spasticity-related pain in upper and lower limbs were conducted in 21(More)
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