Thorben Mueller

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Reduction and intramedullary fixation of subtrochanteric fractures is often challenging. Osteosynthesis frequently fails and a higher rate of non-unions is found. The aim of this study was to evaluate the benefit of an additional cerclage to anatomically reduce and support the medial hinge. The application is based on the experience of the surgeon; as yet(More)
BACKGROUND The annual number of persons killed in road-traffic accidents in Germany declined by 36% from 2001 to 2008, yet official traffic statistics still reveal a marked difference in fatalities between the federal states of the former East and West Germany twenty years after German reunification. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed data from the(More)
The term "Damage-control" is borrowed from naval terminology. It means the initial control of a damaged ship. Because of the lethal triad in multiple injured patients the classical concept of definitive surgically therapy in the acute phase of the injury has a high rate of complications such as exsanguination, sepsis, heart failure and multiple organ(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The most frequently used bones for mechanical testing of orthopedic and trauma devices are fresh frozen cadaveric bones, embalmed cadaveric bones, and artificial composite bones. Even today, the comparability of these different bone types has not been established. METHODS We tested fresh frozen and embalmed cadaveric femora that(More)
The development of locking plate systems has led to polyaxial screws and new plate designs. This study compares monoaxial head locking screws (PHILOS© by Synthes) and a new generation of polyaxial locking screws (NCB-LE© by Zimmer) with respect to biomechanical stability. On nine pairs of randomised formalin fixed humerus specimens, standardised osteotomies(More)
Trochanteric fractures are common fractures in the elderly. Due to characteristic demographic changes, the incidence of these injuries is rapidly increasing. Treatment of these fractures is associated with high rates of complications. In addition, the long-term results remain poor, with high morbidity, declines in function, and high mortality. Therefore, in(More)
The trauma resuscitation room in emergency departments is an important link between preclinical treatment and clinical management of patients with multiple trauma. For the trauma team (Trauma Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Radiology) to respond adequately, a high degree of training and standardisation is required. With arrival of the patient, the trauma team(More)
Compromised bone quality and the need for early mobilization still lead to high rates of implant failure in geriatric patients with distal femoral fractures. With the newest generation of polyaxial locking plates and the proven retrograde femoral nails today two minimally invasive surgical procedures have been established. Indications for both procedures(More)