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Training processes of structured prediction models such as structural SVMs involve frequent computations of the maximum-a-posteriori (MAP) prediction given a parameterized model. For specific output structures such as sequences or trees, MAP estimates can be computed efficiently by dynamic programming algorithms such as the Viterbi algorithm and the CKY(More)
This document analyses the applicability of Multipath TCP to wireless access networks with overlapping coverage area, and it discusses potential protocol extensions that aim to improve operation in such environments. The analysis attempts to identify use cases, benefits as well as technical and functional obstacles encountered in the current version of the(More)
MPTCP Proxies and Anchors draft-hampel-mptcp-proxies-anchors-00 Abstract MPTCP proxies and anchors are network-based functions, which support MPTCP connections. The MPTCP proxy provides multipath support for MPTCP-capable hosts on behalf of their MPTCP-unaware peers. This facilitates incremental deployment of MPTCP. The MPTCP anchor permits subflow(More)
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