Thoralf Hermann

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The filterability of erythrocytes through Nucleopore filters of 5 micrometer has been studied with a new device (Hemorheometer SPO1). A reliable and reproducible index of filterability (IF) can be obtained which depends only on the red blood cell deformability. The results showed an alteration of red blood cell deformability in some pathological(More)
PURPOSE Hypothermia has been shown to be neuroprotective in the therapy of ischemic stroke in the brain. To date no studies exist on the level of the inner retina and it is unclear if hypothermia would prolong the ischemic tolerance time of retinal ganglion cells, which are decisive in many ischemic retinopathies. METHODS Bovine eyes were enucleated and(More)
The filtration time of a small volume (0.1 ml) of red cell suspension from normal (AA), heterozygous (AS) and homozygous (SS) subjects for sickle cell disease was investigated as a function of PO2 The curve of filtration time of AS and SS red cell suspensions was biphasic. At high values of PO2, the progressive reduction of filtrability of sickle cell(More)
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