Thor Kristoffersen

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We show how useful simulation and control applications can be built on Petri nets by adding an object-oriented transformation framework called " views ". Petri nets were integrated into the Common Lisp Object System in such a way that the usual object-oriented features, such as classes, object creation, encapsulation, and inheritance, also work for Petri(More)
—Virtualization and emulation techniques are getting better and better, and it feels thus natural to apply them to address the problem of data preservation for future content access. In this paper, we virtualized a number of existing servers and clients and ran the virtual machines under VMware's hypervisor. Not all of the investigated operating systems(More)
The possible effects of ultrasonic scaling of all maxillary teeth for a total of 5 min on the inner ears of 20 healthy young adults, 22-36 years of age, were investigated by means of pure tone audiometry. Audiograms were obtained just before and immediatley after scaling. Temporary shifts in hearing threshold (TTS) of 10-20 dB, mostly at 7--8 kHz, ersisting(More)
BACKGROUND Salmonella contaminated animal feed is a major source for introducing Salmonella into the animal derived food chain. Because soybeans frequently are contaminated with Salmonella, soybean meal used as animal feed material, a by-product of a "crushing plant" which produces oil from soybeans, can be important source of Salmonella in the animal feed.(More)
The vision of the CryoClim initiative is to develop new operational services for long-term systematic climate monitoring of the cryosphere. The project develops services for sea ice and snow products of global coverage and glacier products covering Norway (mainland and Svalbard). The envisioned system will be provided as a web service based on(More)
Die Befehle enthalten Zeit-, Ort-und Opcode-Informationen, sowie Parameter, die für die verschiedenen Opcodes unterschiedlich sind. Die Befehle sind in folgender 6 controller unit play region 1 region k display region 2 clock instruction list pipe 1 content interpreter
We present a simple and robust client–server architecture for streaming synchronized multimedia presentations to mobile terminals over a low-bandwidth connection. The server is similar to a compiler, and translates high level SMIL descriptions of multimedia presentations into low level content instructions. The client resembles a virtual machine, operating(More)