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Four different in vitro cytotoxicity tests were compared: the MTT assay, the NR assay, the uridine incorporation assay and the measurement of total cellular protein. The comparison was done using the BHK-21 cell line and nine selected test chemicals (colchicine, amitriptyline, cycloheximide, 2,5-hexandione, mercury chloride, cadmium chloride, copper(More)
This paper presents selected product development activities in Kongsberg Maritime related to underwater sensor network nodes. Nodes include tethered fixed seabed nodes, easy deployable wireless nodes, catch monitoring for commercial fishery and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). Sensors interfaced to the different nodes are touched upon, including(More)
This is the authors' manuscript of the literature survey monograph " Underwater acoustic networking techniques " , published in the series " SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering ". The content is identical, but the published version has a much nicer layout, a handier format, and separate reference lists for each chapter. The authors have(More)
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