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In a recent paper, Brogaard (2011) presents counter-arguments to the conclusions of an experiment with blindsight subject GR. She argues that contrary to the apparent findings that GR's preserved visual abilities relate to degraded visual experiences, she is in fact fully unconscious of the stimuli she correctly identifies. In this paper, we present(More)
Spatial features of an object can be specified using two different response types: either by use of symbols or motorically by directly acting upon the object. Is this response dichotomy reflected in a dual representation of the visual world: one for perception and one for action? Previously, symbolic and motoric responses, specifying location, has been(More)
In a recent article by Block [1], different interpretations of the classical Sperling experiment [2] were discussed. In this experiment, subjects were only able to report letters from one of three rows. However, with post-stimulus cue-ing, subjects could report whatever row they were asked. Block [1] interprets the experiment to show that conscious(More)
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