Thor Andreas Tangen

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Coherent plane wave compounding is a promising technique for achieving very high frame rate imaging without compromising image quality or penetration. However, this approach relies on the hypothesis that the imaged object is not moving during the compounded scan sequence, which is not the case in cardiovascular imaging. This work investigates the effect of(More)
In this article, acoustic propagation effects of dual-frequency wide-band excitation pulses in a focused ultrasound system are demonstrated in vitro. A designed and manufactured dual-frequency band annular array capable of transmitting 0.9/7.5 MHz center frequency wide-band pulses was used for this purpose. The dual-frequency band annular array, has been(More)
A method of acoustic imaging is discussed that potentially can improve the diagnostic capabilities of medical ultrasound. The method, given the name second order ultrasound field imaging, is achieved by the processing of the received signals from transmitted dual frequency band pulse complexes with at least partly overlapping high frequency (HF) and low(More)
Reverberations impair the contrast resolution of diagnostic ultrasound images. Tissue harmonic imaging is a common method to reduce these artifacts, but does not remove all reverberations. Dual frequency band imaging (DBI), utilizing a low frequency pulse which manipulates propagation of the high frequency imaging pulse, has been proposed earlier for(More)
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